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Unlocking the secret

To healthy, beautiful skin.

science and Nature in harmony:

Over 30 years of research in every jar.

Decades ago, we set out to combine the best ingredients from science and nature to develop the ultimate 4 in 1 CBD- infused designer cream.  We created an advanced  skin care formula- Swedish Envy cream- which is powerful enough to heal- yet gentle enough to hydrate, tighten, repair, and smooth all skin types.​  Need another reason to love us?  We use only clean, nontoxic ingredients.

Our 4 in 1 Formula:

Hydrate, Tighten, Repair, Smooth.


I Ultra Emollient

  • Intense hydration and plumping

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Intense collagen-boosting

  • Repairs and nourishes skin cells

  • Stimulates and hydrates new skin cells

argireline firmer.png

II Argireline Intense tightener

  • Noticeable elastin improvement

  • Peptides suppress expression lines

  • Immediate skin lifting and smoothing

  • Anti wrinkle properties

  • Aids in removal of deep lines

  • Prevents new lines and wrinkles

  • Inhibits muscle contraction


III  Glyco-Repair

  • Regenerates new skin cells

  • Stimulates new dermis and epidermis cells

  • Reduces hyper-pigmentation (redness)

  • Repairs skin cells

  • Increases and treats damaged skin

vitamin e.png

IV Improved Texture

  • Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin E and Biopolymer

  • Smooths the texture of your skin

  • Creates a silky and even skin texture

  • Transforms skin to a youthful appearance

  • Refines complexion


Notice immediate visible plumping of skin.


Skin is immediately more firm and lifted.


Even severely damaged skin is gently repaired.


Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.


Necessity is the mother of invention:  

Our founder, Kay Desanders, spent decades searching for a high quality cream to smooth, hydrate, repair, and tighten her own skin-yet time and time again, she came out empty handed.  Inspired by the skin care regimens of her Swedish grandmother, Ethel, and mother, Mary, she decided to visit a world renowned biochemist and create it herself. After 2 years and six distinct generations of the cream-it was perfect.


Today, no product on the market boasts the same combination of skin tightening and emollient properties without compromising the potency, concentration, and quality of ingredients.  But our story doesn’t end here! When Kay’s dear friend, Chris Dingess, received a cancer diagnosis and began chemotherapy that left his skin severely damaged- Kay rushed a jar of Swedish Envy to him. The cream worked its magic- it soothed and healed his skin and Kay and Chris have been collaborating on Swedish Envy ever since.


We donate 5% to cancer research

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